Starting up

I’m so exited to start my new adventure. I’m a fashion designer and I’m starting my new passion, to help (you) fashion entreprenuers explor the new way of running their dream business. Through this website fashion Q.

What does Fashion Q stand for?

Try and picture yourself, the dancer standing nervously backstage waiting. Waiting becasue its soon her time to start the performance of a life time. She is just waiting for the right time. Her cue. With out ut she lost with bo direktion to go. But with she can create the master pieces she as been practising on for a so long.

I know it hard to find your Q. Believe i have tried it both succesfully and not so succesfully. That’s why I’m starting this blog. This website is here for you to find your Fashion Q. To help you findout when to start your business and how.

Already started your business?

Have you already started your business there also things here that can help you amp up your business.

Get tools, motivational content, quotes and inspirational ideas on how to run your business with less hassel and more passion.

With your help i hope to make this a great part of your business strategy;) Feel free to comment and send me question. I love to help.

I hope you enjoy it!

Dream big, start small, Act Now!

Why I
wrote, start this blog
Mission – I help fashion designers and entrepreneurs explore the new way of running their fashion business, so that they can improve their sex appeal, find more happiness and spend more time doing what they love

Vision – Create leaders, empower the world of fashion

Who is this site is for?


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